MEDARD, Christophe

MEDARD, Christophe

- France, March 2008 -
Devoted collector for my own pleasure, I'm a huge fan of Michael Turner and Al Rio artworks mostly.
Comics business may encounter less success in Europe than in America, and I can't say I've an encyclopedic culture of comics, but I do have my beloved ones. Mike Turner's Soulfire for example, Finch/Lansang's Aphrodite IX or the well known Tomb Raider.
Coming to favs pencillers, mine is undoubtably Al Rio, who has an unmatched way to capture heroines and highly feminine female characters. Apart of comics reading, I can only say one thing about gathering OAs : owning an original artwork always do something, may it be a cover art, an inner page or simply a sketch...
The comics pencillers community sure gathers lots of incredible and inimitable artists : Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, Al Rio, Randy Green, Billy Tan, Clarence Lansang, David Finch, Buzz, Mike Deodato Jr., Ivan Reis, and so on, and so on, and so on...
This collection is mostly dedicated to female comic and fantasy characters.

- May 2009 -
Uh, after the interest and enthousiasm shown by friends and cool CAF fellows I may let it go and enlarge a little the scope of these uploads to share along the few nice collected pin-up/good girl art examples I possess when the penciller/painter happened to be also a name of the comic industry.
Al Rio, Jim Silke, Dave Stevens and Joe Chiodo are the finest examples I can think of...

- February 1st 2012 -
Being changing ISP these days, I just got to internet today at noon at my workplace and heard about yesterday's terrible piece of news. Can't express how shocked and totally shattered by it I am...
Al will be terribly missed.

- July 2013 -
Relocation of current gallery onto a new website. While doing the formatting, occured to me that to stay more accurate, could be interesting to separate pieces into two collecting themes : comic art staying here, original GGA and hopefully classic pinup art going into a sister collection. Indeed both themes are pretty different in spirit – may you focus like me on heroines! –.
...Will allow me please God to show more freely pieces falling into the second category ?

- November 2016 -
Watermark evolution onto newly added pieces. Multiplication of the image vampirisation practice by websites like Pinterest – harsh copying of (not a linking to) the arts scan 'n photo images prepared here –, moreover pretty often without a mention to the artist's name either, leads me to do a lil' watermark modification for from now on added pieces...


Seductive Lisa Shannon (Exposure) by Al Rio / Ben Prenevost
13875 Views, 4 Comments

Grimm FT 2007 Annual Cvr by Al Rio
9262 Views, 5 Comments

Axa Color Album p.20 by Enrique Romero
4588 Views, 5 Comments

Tomb Raider #12 Cvr by Billy Tan
4327 Views, 13 Comments

Tomb Raider #21 p.18 by Randy Green
3385 Views, 5 Comments

Cavewoman Prehistoric Pinups Book 4 pinup by Budd Root
10067 Views, 7 Comments

Lady Death : Judgment War #00 p.21 by Ivan Reis

Sensational G-Girl Illustration by Adriano De Vincentiis

Ms. Marvel #30 p.01 by Adriana Melo

Vision of Phantom Lady by Artchild

Regal Emma Frost sketch by David Yardin

Harley Quinn Ball by Carlo Pagulayan

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