MEDARD, Christophe

MEDARD, Christophe

- France, August 2013 -
After many years of original art collecting, I'm taking benefit of my modest webpage relocation to set forward the few separated themes I'm eventually fundamentally interested in.
Chasing original art coming from the comic world provided incentive and occasions of getting in touch with afew artists or their direct friends or representatives, quite shyly in the first place and less and less naively as time went by... In the same time I realize it certainly lifted my natural reserve and bashfulness in front of another domain of pop art I keep having a moved weakness for : ravishing but benevolent pinup art.
It was as a teenager that I first discovered artbooks about nose art and enchanting pinup girls depiction by extension, treated by vintage artists bursting with talent and a right vision of female beauty and of the manner of rendering it on paper or canva, and knew this was definitely a noble and pleasing pop artistry I would permanently have a crush and admiration for... May I by opening up a precise page for it somehow share the breath of fresh air and childish joy it brings to me with online fellows (?).


'Do you want to bet ?' by Jay Scott Pike
2833 Views 4 Comments

'Tomorrow's Headlines' study by Olivia De Berardinis

Guitar Rose by Mario Chavez

Writing a Letter pinup by Al Rio
2948 Views, 2 Comments

Sweet Hammock Girl by Patrick Hitte
2377 Views, 3 Comments

_____Irresistible by Joe Chiodo_____
3891 Views, 5 Comments

Fairy on Mushroom by Al Rio
3074 Views, 1 Comment

Fairy on Leaves by Al Rio
6047 Views, 6 Comments

Angel w/ Hair Bow by Al Rio
2534 Views, 1 Comment

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